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  • Dear Readers!

    Everyone’s greatest wish at the moment is for life to return to normal. So let us take a look at the positive things that have happened. And there have been a great deal of them, many of which can be put down to the very good collaboration with you – our partners, friends and employees. As the year draws to a close, it is traditionally a time to take stock of the last twelve months and happily 2020 was not as bad as may have been expected considering the overall situation. At the same time, we can look ahead to 2021 with hope and optimism.

    One example is our return to the Dual System, the scheme in Germany for managing old sales packaging. Maybe some of you may remember when we withdrew our own Dual System, EKO-PUNKT, from the market in the summer of 2014 as it had become impossible to predict the legal and business risks at the time. But then the Packaging Law came into force – finally putting an end to the infinite number of amendments that were being made to the old Packaging Ordinance. Which means that the necessary framework conditions are now in place for us to return to the Dual System market. Following its first attempt (the acquisition of DSD which was unfortunately turned down by the monopolies commission), REMONDIS has now purchased RK, a Dual System that owns a full set of valid licences but, as yet, has no share of the market. Ideal conditions for us to play a role in this market again – something that is as natural for a recycling firm to do as it is for Father Christmas to wear a red hat. And so RK will become the new EKO-PUNKT Dual System. In the style of that famous film from the 80s, we’re going “Back to the future!”

    Christmas is also a time where we may traditionally make a wish. The European Commission and the German government wish to have so-called green steel, i.e. steel that is produced without fossil fuels and so emits as little CO2 as possible. Focus is being put here on “green hydrogen” as a potential climate-neutral source of energy. As with so many wishes, however, the first question is where should this green energy come from? And, above all, who should pay for it? Leaving aside the fact that there is as yet no official definition for green steel, the chances of there being sufficient supplies of green hydrogen available on the market any time soon would appear to be slim with the development towards renewable electricity generation moving so slowly. And yet, this sought-after green steel has been around for ages. It is produced from high quality scrap steel, over eight million tonnes of which is recovered and returned to production cycles by TSR using a process that is for the most part climate neutral – without having to consume land, without having to use additional resources and without having to needlessly transport material half way around the globe. Sounds almost like Christmas, but it’s true.

    Against the backdrop of all this good news, we would like to thank you all for the great collaboration work. May we take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and all the very best for the coming year.


    Thomas Conzendorf

Keeping people and the environment safe

  • Of all the parts of a lorry, it is the tyres that suffer most from wear and tear. Carrying out daily checks using a new technical monitoring system helps to avoid breakdowns and reduce fuel consumption. Levels of safety and environmental protection are also further increased. These are the interim findings of the tests currently being performed on a new technical tyre management system at REMONDIS’ branch in the Westphalian town of Oelde. Master mechanic, Thomas Feldhaus, talked to Annette Rojas from Continental Tyres Germany about his experiences with ContiConnect.

Annette Rojas (Continental): An email or a text is sent to you when the sensor mounted on the inside of a tyre detects a drop in tyre pressure. What impact does tyre damage have on your everyday business?

  • Thomas Feldhaus: Our business is responsible for managing commercial waste, which means that we have to drive through large commercial buildings, to sorting plants and around depots every single day. These places often have screws, splinters, nails and other sharp objects lying around on the ground and these are picked up by our truck tyres almost every day. The ContiConnect tyre management system allows us to detect damaged tyres far more quickly than before. Most damage occurs when the trucks are being unloaded.

“Carrying out daily checks helps to avoid breakdowns and reduce fuel consumption.”

Thomas Feldhaus, Master Mechanic at REMONDIS’ depot in Oelde

You have mounted ContiConnect into 32 of your vehicles. How many breakdowns have you managed to avoid since then?

Thomas Feldhaus: We’ve been able to detect a gradual loss in tyre pressure due to tyre damage around twenty times and we’ve already been able to prevent trucks getting a flat tyre five times. All in all, we have saved around 5,000 euros so far. The system has been a huge help with our dual tyres as it really is difficult for the drivers to check the inner tyres. Thanks to ContiConnect, we have been able to increase the vehicles’ structural stability and minimise downtime. That, in turn, cuts costs and makes it easier for us to keep to our schedules. I know, when I drive off, that my tyres are in a good condition.

Using less fuel protects the environment. What other advantages does it offer in your opinion?

  • Thomas Feldhaus: The fact that our trucks always have the right tyre pressure when they’re on the road means we consume less fuel and that the tyres suffer less wear and tear. This is absolutely in line with our concept of sustainability and complements the courses we hold for our drivers about fuel-saving driving. What’s more, the tyres last for longer and can be better retreaded. The system also warns me in good time of other defects, such as seizing brakes, as it lets me know when the tyre temperature is higher than normal. This system allows us to concentrate on our core business – providing reliable waste management services.

  • The web portal provides tyre information 24/7

What is ContiConnect?

ContiConnect, the tyre monitoring platform developed by the well-known tyre manufacturer and automobile industry supplier Continental, has been used by REMONDIS’ branch in the Westphalian town of Oelde for a number of months now. This platform enables the company to access data about the tyre pressure and tyre temperature of its fleet. The tyre information is updated when a vehicle goes past a yard reader. The benefits: fewer flat tyres, less tyre wear and tear, lower fuel consumption, lower servicing and maintenance costs, greater safety for drivers and vehicles, reduced fleet running costs and compatibility with telematics systems.

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