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  • Dear Readers!

    “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future.” This piece of wisdom was uttered by the great Irish author George Bernard Shaw and it would certainly appear to be true looking at the challenges that humans are having to face today: the need to protect the environment and prevent climate change, to supply sufficient quantities of food and raw materials but to conserve our planet’s natural resources at the same time. Taking on responsibility for the future means nothing less than acting and doing business in a responsible way today so that future generations have a world that they are able to live in. Being a family-run company that is committed to sustainability in each and every sector it operates in, this is exactly what we intend to do. We have, therefore, added a new slogan to reflect this mission:
    From now on, the REMONDIS logo will appear together with the strapline ‘Working for the future’. This is not some empty promise: every day, the 30,000+ people working for REMONDIS prove this is the case by collecting, sorting and processing recyclables, by ensuring our soils are clean and full of nutrients, by supplying water and treating wastewater, by generating sustainable biogas and energy and by carrying out joint public-private sector work to keep cities clean and roads safe. REMONDIS is, therefore, working for the future right now so that our children and their descendants have urban areas and indeed a planet that are worth living in. The present gives us the opportunity to change – and change is definitely what is needed if we wish to shape the future.

    One example in the Netherlands clearly shows that our neighbours are also thinking of the future. When a Dutch municipal company sells all its commercial activities to REMONDIS, it is certainly worth asking why they decided to do this. In an interview with REMONDIS aktuell, ROVA managing director Hans Groenhuis explains how European public procurement law determines whether a company can be awarded an “in-house contract” and why it is advisable for local authorities throughout Europe to think about giving up their commercial activities altogether.

    Just how satisfied are our public sector customers and what can REMONDIS do to further improve the way it supports local authorities to provide public services? We wanted to hear details here and so we asked them. The results of the customer survey, which was carried out by an independent institute on behalf of REMONDIS, are both encouraging and an incentive at the same time. It is certainly good news when not only our regular customers express their great satisfaction with the company but also the overwhelming majority of our past customers who could well imagine working together with REMONDIS again in the future. We will not, however, be sitting back on our laurels. There is always room for improvement when it comes to serving local inhabitants. REMONDIS will be doing everything in its power to optimise its portfolio and to provide both its contractual partners and those receiving its services with the best possible solutions at fair and favourable conditions. Working for people. Working for the future. 

    I hope you enjoy reading this edition of REMONDIS aktuell.

    Thomas Conzendorf 

Taking the pressure off companies

  • Being a specialist for high quality industrial services, the BUCHEN Group also has decades of experience of occupational health and safety. Companies operating in the chemical and petrochemical sector can now benefit directly from BUCHEN’s extensive know-how by outsourcing work safety at their plants to REMONDIS’ subsidiary.

Diverse requirements

The chemical and petrochemical sector is subject to stringent work safety regulations. Besides ensuring their employees attend all necessary training courses, companies must, for example, have the right equipment on site such as respiratory protection masks, fall protection systems and devices for measuring gas levels. Employees working at refineries must be equipped with gas measuring devices and smoke hoods or wear heavy respiratory protection equipment. Another important task here is to manage and service the wide range of safety devices and pieces of equipment – so that they are fully functional wherever and whenever they are needed.

There are a number of very good reasons for outsourcing work safety to BUCHEN

Reliable equipment 24/7

    • As the wide-ranging work safety requirements are not directly part of their core business, chemical and petrochemical companies must invest both time and money in this area. Working together with BUCHEN, therefore, provides a solution that is both ideal and cost effective.

    Olaf Waterstrat, SafetyService project manager at BUCHEN, commented: “Our industrial service specialists are very experienced and know all about safety issues at chemical plants. We know which equipment protects employees best and have the knowledge required to regularly test and service the devices.” This creates advantages for the company’s customers: they can concentrate fully on their business and, at the same time, be secure in the knowledge that their employees are using the best possible work safety equipment.

A one-stop shop

In line with its exemplary safety standards, BUCHEN offers an integral system of high quality safety logistics. This includes enabling customers to hire equipment to add to their own stock of safety material or even to have BUCHEN supply all safety devices needed. BUCHEN has set up three regional workshops in Germany which are responsible for handling respiratory protection devices. By doing so, the company can guarantee that they can deliver the equipment to their customers at short notice. The teams of qualified technicians at the workshops service the safety devices so that they are always handed over in full working order. Moreover, if required, BUCHEN can take over all work safety administration work on behalf of their customers. This involves keeping an eye on inspection deadlines, servicing the equipment and documenting devices that have been handed out and returned.

  • ”Our industrial service specialists are very experienced and know all about safety issues at chemical plants.“

    Olaf Waterstrat, SafetyService project manager at BUCHEN

TOTAL opts to work with BUCHEN

One of the company’s first customers to make use of BUCHEN’s novel SafetyService package is the TOTAL refinery in central Germany. This refinery is located on an industrial estate in the City of Leuna and is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. BUCHEN is now in charge of all safety logistics at the plant. It is, in particular, responsible for supplying and servicing around 100 self-contained breathing apparatus systems, 600 smoke hoods and 1,000 gas measuring devices as well as servicing approx. 2,500 fire extinguishers. BUCHEN has set up a service point at the TOTAL refinery in order to be able to provide its on-site services. Its personnel are, therefore, always on hand to manage the safety equipment and to ensure safety standards remain at the same high and reliable level throughout the plant.

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