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  • Dear Readers!

    “I believe in horses. Automobiles are a passing phenomenon.” These are the words said to have been uttered by the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, at the time when mobility was going through a radical change. No one can say for sure whether he really said this or not but it is a quote that is often used as an example of people badly misjudging the importance of an invention – and not just by futurologists. Today, mobility is once again undergoing a radical change. In some areas of the country, air quality has deteriorated so much that politicians, industrial businesses and consumers are being forced to rethink the way they act, in particular in large cities. The diesel scandal has simply further aggravated the situation. The first councils have begun banning old diesel cars from using the roads where air pollution is highest. At the same time, city planners are focusing almost entirely on creating living space and high quality office buildings. In contrast, tradespeople and commercial businesses, such as recycling firms, are gradually being pushed further and further outside the city. Their work though should continue to be quiet, free of dust and, wherever possible, without CO2 or NOX emissions.

    It’s definitely time to start thinking about possible alternatives. What could be better than using one of the country’s waste streams – i.e. organic waste – as a source of post-fossil fuel and, by doing so, enable waste collections to be carbon-neutral and practically free of fine particulate and NOX emissions? REMONDIS has begun a pilot project near Cologne to do just this and is currently testing six vehicles run on biogas.

    The recycling industry has a new market player: the Schwarz Group (Lidl), which has an annual turnover of EUR 96.7 billion (2017) – bigger than the whole of the German recycling sector put together. Earlier this year, the Schwarz Group’s subsidiary, Green Cycle, purchased Tönsmeier, the fifth-largest recycling company in Germany, acquiring a volume of sales three times bigger than all of the acquisitions made by REMONDIS in 2016 and 2017. Industry experts believe that the Schwarz Group will also enter Germany’s ‘Dual System’ market (kerbside collection of sales packaging) in the not too distant future.

    There is so much happening in the German recycling market at the moment – a market which, according to the “Status Report on the German Circular Economy”, has around 10,800 companies competing against each other. While none of the private sector firms has a monopoly in any area of the waste management and recycling industry, the trend towards councils renationalising waste services continues unabated leading to the creation of regional monopolies. As a result, the private sector’s share of the market is also slowly decreasing. At present, for example, its share of conventional waste collection services lies at around 50% of the overall market. As always, we hope you enjoy reading this latest issue of REMONDIS AKTUELL.


    Thomas Conzendorf

Success down to the employees’ know-how

For 25 years now, REMONDIS Aqua’s subsidiary Lausitzer Wasser GmbH & Co. KG (LWG) has been supplying high quality drinking water, treating the region’s wastewater using reliable and environmentally sound processes and making the most of its water know-how to help out in other areas as well, such as redeveloping mining landscapes. 172 dedicated employees help deliver these specialist services – always to the satisfaction of their customers.

Donations collected for regional projects

100 guests were invited to Cottbus-Sachsendorf waterworks on 22 June to help celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. The two managing directors, Reinhard Beer and Marten Eger, accepted their congratulations on behalf of all their staff. Rather than be given gifts, LWG collected donations on behalf of a regional project that helps families from the Lausitz region with children suffering from a serious illness. Moreover, they also donated a generous sum of money to the Cottbus community foundation to support their efforts to build a water playground.

Congratulations from Holger Kelch, Mayor of Cottbus

    • “Lausitz and LWG have been working together for 25 years and are now celebrating their silver anniversary. Over this period, LWG and its public and private sector shareholders have built up an extraordinarily good reputation – which can be put down to it being so reliable and innovative. This company is important for the region offering apprenticeships and jobs in and around Cottbus. LWG provides 172 people with a career and livelihood, it takes on its apprentices when they finish their course and our local residents appreciate the modern technology used by the firm and its stable prices. We can all count on LWG – in every sense of the word – and look forward the next 25 years and more. Many thanks to all those who have helped contribute towards this success.”

    • Source: Lausitzer Wasser Zeitung

    Congratulations from Dr Dietmar Woidke, Minister President of the German State of Brandenburg

    • “Water is life – this is the motto of the photo contest launched by LWG Lausitzer Wasser GmbH & Co. KG to celebrate its anniversary. A motto that also sums up the phil-osophy of LWG, one of the largest and most respected water companies in Brandenburg.

    The City of Cottbus and 20 neighbouring districts benefit from the in-depth expertise of LWG’s employees no matter whether it has to do with sustainable, high quality drinking water supply or environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. And this expertise is no accident: LWG has been one of the best training companies in Brandenburg for many years now – winning many awards and acting as a role model for others. So please accept my thanks here! The confidence that both the customers and the partners have in these water specialists is hugely important to be able to overcome the challenges that the water sector must face, such as climate change, environmental issues and demographic change. May I wish all those working at LWG every success in the future!”

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