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  • Dear Readers!

    Whilst the energy transition “experiment” continues unabated in Germany and the large energy providers find themselves in a difficult situation as they try to find out exactly what their main business now is, REMONDIS – as a consumer – has been taking action and has come up with some innovative solutions to tackle the energy problem. We have, for example, succeeded in considerably reducing energy consumption at our dismantling centre for waste electrical and electronic equipment at the Lippe Plant in Lünen by introducing a new energy management system. Whereas, in the past, it had only been possible to see how much energy the plant was consuming as a whole, a new software system – developed by the company itself – now enables the ­consumption of each individual piece of equipment and each individual light to be recorded. One of the responses to the results generated by this new system was to exchange all the lights in the plant with state-of-the-art LEDs. This has led to more light with fewer carbon emissions and lower costs and this idea is catching on across the whole of the group. This is what we at REMONDIS believe the energy transition to be.

    REMONDIS continues to enjoy healthy growth and not only in its home region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our family-owned company has been expanding in the countries which are on its list of “core regions”. These include, for example, neighbouring countries such as Poland to the east and the Netherlands to the west. The Dutch recycling firm, van ­Gansewinkel, recently sold its Polish operations to ­REMONDIS. Furthermore, REMONDIS acquired the business locations and activities of the Becker Group in the south of Poland. Thanks to these latest transactions, we have succeeded in expanding our range of services for our Polish customers and strengthening our position on the Polish market – one of the company’s so-called core markets. At the time of going to press, we also received the good news that our Dutch subsidiary has taken over the Dusseldorp Group. This will considerably grow REMONDIS Nederland’s operations in the Dutch recycling sector.

    According to the Federal Office for National Statistics, the total debt of the local and district authorities in Germany lay at around 140 billion euros at the end of 2014 – and this figure is likely to rise. Some councils, however, are of the opinion that they can solve this problem by remunicipalising services that, they believe, fall into the category of “vital public services”. To be able to do this though they must spend large sums of money on setting up the necessary infrastructure – an infrastructure that private sector firms already have in place and which they could offer far more cost-effectively. We know from experience that the best solution is to work together as partners, as can be seen in the City of Freiburg in the Breisgau region. The PPP model continues to be a practicable solution that unites the two worlds in the best possible way and brings the most benefits for the regional economy and the local inhabitants.

    The arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees in Germany to escape from their war-torn homelands will mean greater challenges as well as some great opportunities for our ­country and local authorities. Let us work together in a spirit of optimism and confidence to create a better future for ­everyone living in our country. REMONDIS is there as always to help and advise its municipal partners. 


    Ludger Rethmann

A modern fleet in action

  • Hazardous substances and undeclared waste from households must be collected and treated using a ­system that is just as safe and just as compliant as the processes used for industrial and commercial waste. REMONDIS operates its special SafetyTrucks to collect such materials in Germany. One of these state-of-the-art vehicles has now been on the roads in Switzerland since the beginning of the year.

A wide range of tasks

The SafetyTruck is based at REMONDIS Schweiz AG in ­Switzerland. From here, it is able to serve the whole of the canton of Schaffhausen. Besides collecting materials on ­behalf of the local authorities, it is also being deployed to pick up hazardous waste from, for example, university ­laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.

Safety first in the SafetyTruck

Just as is the case in Germany, the Swiss SafetyTruck is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment. The pioneering safety technology ranges from explosion-proof electrical units all the way through to liquid, acid and chemical-resistant flooring. The driver is accompanied by a highly qualified specialist who has the relevant training and ex­perience to handle hazardous waste. Such employees know how to accept such substances and, if the waste is undeclared, immediately take samples of the materials to classify it so it can be placed in the right storage container.

From rechargeable batteries, to ­fluorescent lamps, all the way through to medicines: the Safety­Truck accepts a whole range of hazardous waste.

This high-tech hazardous waste collection truck is proving to be a success in Switzerland as well and is expected to be deployed in other cantons in the future. “Our medium-term goal is to offer our SafetyTruck services across the whole of country,” explained Mareike Krämer, head of sales at REMONDIS Schweiz AG. The company’s branches in Geneva and Basel would also provide a perfect base for this truck.

Solutions to drive forward sustainability

REMONDIS has been operating in Switzerland for twelve years now. Its extensive portfolio includes services such as recycling materials from printing ­businesses, photo laboratories, medical institutes, companies and public institutions. Working together with local and district authorities, the company offers a wide range of recycling activities and many other services. The REMONDIS Group’s pioneering concepts and technological edge are also apparent in Switzerland where it systematically contributes towards recovering raw materials and preserving natural resources.

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